Custom PTFE & ePTFE Manufacturer

We can customize and produce all kinds of PTFE, expanded PTFE and reinforced PTFE products, such as tubes, convoluted hoses, sheets, gaskets, seals, rods, liners, tapes, films, membranes and etc.

    • Quality Raw Material

      Over 600 variations of virgin and filled PTFE.

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      Custom service, manufacturing on demand.

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      Professional pre and after-sale services.

    PTFE Products

    PTFE Film
    PTFE Film

    A thin polymer film with excellent non-stick properties, used in various applications requiring chemical resistance and heat stability.

    PTFE Gaskets
    PTFE Gasket

    A sealing material made of PTFE, providing exceptional chemical resistance and sealing capabilities in demanding industrial environments.

    PTFE Liner
    PTFE Liner

    A protective lining made of PTFE, used to prevent corrosion and enhance the chemical resistance of pipes, tanks, and other equipment.

    PTFE Membrane
    PTFE/ePTFE Membrane

    A microporous material with high chemical resistance, commonly used as a filtration membrane in industries such as pharmaceuticals and water treatment.

    PTFE Rod
    PTFE Rod

    A solid cylindrical bar made of polytetrafluoroethylene, known for its low friction, high temperature resistance, and excellent electrical insulation properties.

    PTFE Seal Rings
    PTFE Seal

    A sealing device made of PTFE, designed to prevent fluid leakage in mechanical systems while offering resistance to chemicals and extreme temperatures.

    PTFE Sheet
    PTFE Sheet

    A flat, flexible material composed of PTFE, prized for its non-stick properties, electrical insulation, and resistance to chemicals and high temperatures.

    PTFE Tape
    PTFE Tape

    A self-adhesive tape made from PTFE, commonly used for pipe thread sealing due to its high lubricity and resistance to chemicals and heat.

    Colored PTFE Tubing
    PTFE Tubing

    A flexible tube made of PTFE, valued for its excellent chemical resistance, thermal stability, low friction and electrical insulation properties.

    About Us

    Bladen Fluorochemicals Technologies Co., Ltd is a manufacturer of PTFE tubes, hoses, sheets, rods, films and other associated products. We offer expert conversion capabilities including cut-to-size sheets, film reel conversion, and CNC routing and machining.

    CNC Machine
    Plasma Cutting Machine
    PTFE Molding Machine

    Premium Raw Material

    PTFE raw material is available in different forms, including dispersion resin, suspension resin, and granule. Each form of PTFE has its specific uses and advantages. We use high-quality materials to ensure the desired characteristics and performance of the end PTFE products.

    PTFE Dispersion Resin
    PTFE Suspension Resin
    PTFE Micropowder

    Sample Stock

    We maintain a substantial inventory to guarantee our customers prompt delivery. For specific custom models, please contact us. Our dedicated team will be delighted to assist you with any inquiries you may have.

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