PTFE Heat Shrink Tubing

PTFE heat shrink tubing is a type of tubing that is made from PTFE material and is designed to shrink when exposed to heat, resulting provide a secure covering for wires, cables, and other components.

Apart from manufacturing, we can also customize your PTFE heat shrink tube from the following aspects:

Shrink ratio


Wall thickness


Other requirements

    Heat Shrinkable PTFE Tubing

    PTFE heat shrink tubing is commonly used in industries such as aerospace, automotive, electronics, telecommunications, and medical devices. Typical applications include insulation and protection of wiring harnesses, connectors, sensors, probes, and other delicate components where high-temperature resistance and chemical resistance are required.

    Here are some key features and benefits of PTFE heat shrink tubing:

    1. High and low temperature resistance -200~180°C.
    2. Excellent electrical insulation performance, extremely high resistance, and a dielectric constant of about 2.0 (the smallest among all electrical insulating materials).
    3. Excellent anti-oxidation performance, can be used outdoors for a long time.
    4. High transparency, the lowest light refractive index among all plastics.
    5. It can be reprocessed, self-sealing and welded.

    PTFE Heat Shrink Tubing Tests

    To ensure the quality and reliability of our PTFE heat shrink tubing, it is subjected to various ASTM (American Society for Testing and Materials) tests to check its physical, mechanical, thermal, and electrical properties.


    Test Method


    Density (g/cm3)

    ASTM D792


    Melting point (°C)


    Shrink rate (%)



    Shore D


    Elongation at break (%)

    ASTM D638


    Tensile strength (Mpa)

    ASTM D638


    Bending strength (Mpa)

    ASTM D790

    not broken

    Compressive strength (Mpa)

    ASTM D695


    Tensile modulus of elasticity (Mpa)

    ASTM D638


    Coefficient of friction

    Compared to steel


    Processing temperature (°C)


    Decomposition temperature (°C)


    Maximum continuous working temperature (°C)



    Heat distortion temperature (°C)



    Coefficient of linear expansion

    ASTM D696


    Embrittlement temperature (°C)


    Dielectric constant

    ASTM D150, 103Hz


    Volume resistivity

    ASTM D257


    Surface resistivity

    ASTM D257, 25°C


    Dielectric loss tangent



    Resistant to chemical solvents


    Water absorption (%)



    Refractive index


    Limiting oxygen index


    Types of Shrink Ratios

    The shrink ratio of our PTFE heat shrink tubing can vary depending on the specific application and manufacturer. It is typically around 1.3:1 to 4:1. We can also produce PTFE tubing with custom shrink ratios based on your needs, consult us for its availability and feasibility now.

    1.7 to 1 Shrink Ratio PTFE Tubing
    1.7:1 Shrink Ratio

    It provides a moderate amount of shrinkage and is suitable for applications where a slight reduction in diameter is required. It may offer good flexibility and ease of installation due to its lower shrink ratio.

      2 to 1 Shrink Ratio PTFE Tubing
      2:1 Shrink Ratio

      It provides a more significant reduction in diameter compared to 1.7:1. It is commonly used for insulation, strain relief, and protecting small components or wires. It offers a balance between flexibility and shrinkage.

        4 to 1 Shrink Ratio PTFE Tubing
        4:1 Shrink Ratio

        It is suitable for applications where a substantial reduction in diameter is required, such as encapsulating connectors or splices. It offers better strain relief and sealing properties compared to lower shrink ratios.

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          FAQs of PTFE Heat Shrink Tubing

          How is your PTFE heat shrink tubing manufactured?

          Our PTFE heat shrink tubing is typically manufactured through an extrusion process. PTFE resin is heated and extruded into a tube shape with a larger diameter than the final desired size and then cooled the extruded tube.

          What are the available shrink ratios of your PTFE heat shrink tubing?

          Our PTFE heat shrink tubing comes in various sizes and shrink ratios, typically ranging from 1.3:1 to 4:1, we have stocks for these two regular shrink ratio tubing (1.7:1 and 4:1).

          What's the tolerance of the wall thickness of PTFE heat shrink tubing?

          We guarantee our PTFE heat shrink tubing has a tolerance of ±0.01mm on the wall thickness.

          Do you have stock samples? And how to get them?

          Yes, we have a large inventory of PTFE tubing with shrink ratios of 1.7:1 and 4:1 in our warehouse. Free samples only take 5~7 days leading time for a quick quality check.

          What are your payment terms?

          • For sample orders, Paypal or T/T 100% as a deposit.
          • For bulk orders, we request 30% by T/T in advance, the balance to be paid before shipment.