PTFE Coiled Tube Manufacturer

Our PTFE coiled tube is manufactured by extruding PTFE resin into a long continuous tube, which is then heated and wound into a coil shape.

The coiled design provides flexibility and allows the tube to stretch and recoil, making it ideal for applications where flexibility and continuous flow are required.

Highly flexible

Extended length

Space saving

Resistance to kinking

    PTFE Coiled Tube Structure

    The structure of a PTFE coiled tube is characterized by several parameters: tube ID/OD, wall thickness, coil ID, number of coils, overall length of coils, and length of tails.

    PTFE Coiled Tube Structure
    • ID/OD and wall thickness: our PTFE coiled tubes can be customized in various inner/outer diameters and wall thicknesses. The inner diameter determines the flow capacity of the tube, while the wall thickness affects the mechanical strength and pressure resistance.
    • Coil ID: This refers to the inner diameter of the coiled tube. It represents the size of the central channel through which fluid or gas can flow.
    • Number of coils: This indicates how many complete rotations the tube makes around its central axis. It determines the length of the coiled section and affects its flexibility.
    • Length of tails: Tails refer to the straight sections at the ends of the coiled tube. These sections are not part of the coiled structure and are used for connection purposes.

    Please specify these parameters if you want to request for quotation.

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      FAQs of PTFE Coiled Tube

      Can your PTFE coiled tubes be straightened if needed?

      Yes, our PTFE coiled tubes can be straightened, but it’s essential to exercise caution to avoid damage during the process. Gentle heating or using a straightening jig can be employed to re-establish the original straight shape.

      Can you customize the lengths and diameters of the PTFE coiled tubes?

      Yes, our PTFE coiled tubes can be customized to meet the specific length and diameter requirements.

      How do you solve the problem of difficulty in maintaining dimensional accuracy during coiling?

      Utilize precision coiling machinery and processes to ensure consistent dimensional accuracy and uniformity throughout the length of the coiled tubes.

      How do you solve the problem of the coiled tube may not being out-of-round due to uneven tension during coiling?

      We will properly control the tension and speed during the coiling process to maintain the shape and roundness of the tube. Use appropriate coiling equipment and adjust the coiling parameters to achieve the desired shape.

      Do you have stock samples? And how to get them?

      Yes, we have a large inventory of PTFE coiled tubes in our warehouse, sample orders are free and only take 5~7 days leading time for a quick quality check.

      What are your payment terms?

      • For sample orders, Paypal or T/T 100% as a deposit.
      • For bulk orders, we request 30% by T/T in advance, the balance to be paid before shipment.